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You people are POWERFUL!  We got a contract on our house on Friday, July 25th!!  That’s 3 days after I posted and asked for your help.  Holy Toledo.  The people who have bought (or are going to buy by September 8th) our home made us an offer before they even saw it in person.  Now that is some strong mojo at work.  The saw the house yesterday and love it as much in person as the did online and what makes it even better, a 10-year old girl is going to live in the room I decorated for Quinn.  She loves it.  How cool is that?

Thank you to Kristen, Cara, Elaine, Lee, Nicki, Tamara and Karen and the other 230 people who have read my blog since I posted my request on the 22nd.  You guys are awesome!  Please keep the good thoughts going so things will run smoothly all the way through closing.


As some of you may know, I am trying to sell my house.  It has been 7 long months and I am ready to move, damnit.  We hired a new realtor last Thursday and have already had 4 showings.  Although I have a good feeling about her and feel an offer is near, I would like to ask for your help.  I am asking that everyone who reads my blog send positive thoughts out into the Universe that our house will sell very quickly.  Imagine these people:

Selling this house:

Whatever means you use to communicate works for me.  Prayer, meditation, chanting, positive imagery or just plain old wishing it to be.  I have total faith in the power of positive intention and just know that the combined energy of all of us will make the difference.  I am ready to get my house sold so my husband and I can move on with our lives and then our adoption and I know with your help it’s just gonna happen.

Thank you!


Remember how I posted that 2 families from my agency got the go ahead to file their I600s for their referrals in Phu Tho?  Remember that the remaining 4 cases were dependant on the outcome of these cases?  Turns out that is another thing that just isn’t true.  I got the official word from my agency on Friday that our referral will not be processed.  This from an email from the Embassy:

Eric Alexander, Consular Chief, met with officials in Phu Tho this week and reached an agreement that will enable the Service to finish adjudication of the pending Phu Tho cases that have been filed with this office.  Officials of Phu Tho and Dr. Long stated that these would be the only cases completed and that the United States is still barred from adopting children in this province.  Because of the ban imposed by the government of Vietnam, this office will not accept any new petitions from Phu Tho.

I am not surprised by this news.  I said good-bye in my heart awhile ago as I have known this baby wasn’t coming home for months and months.  I hadn’t looked at her picture in a long time but pulled it out on Friday and said my final good-bye and wished her my love.  Although I was saddened to hear the news I was actually relieved that the door is officially closed.  Limbo is hell.  Now I can fully move on.  I feel quite sure this baby is already babbling in Italian or French by now.  I think she probably left the orphanage awhile ago.

So now, it’s a new road to baby!  Probably a domestic road.  Since we are still trying to sell our home (yes, 6 months later) I am not going to update our homestudy until we move.  Domestic is scary but I am looking forward to getting started.  I think I need to come up with a new blog title and look.  A fresh start.  I am open to all types of suggestions, agency recommendations, sites for cool blog templates, etc.  I plan to start my Etsy Friday’s again.  It seems that was well liked. 

Thank you to everyone who still visits my blog and has emailed me personally to check in.  You guys are awesome. 

Etsy Friday

Let’s just pretend, shall we?

This is Sanfran.  I think a few of these may end up in my new nursery.  Wonderful!

Here is a really cute flat style for $20. 

This is Absoluut.  This seller has very cool pillows for a very fair price and it also goes VERY well with tonic.

Secret Handshake Pillow-cover, vintage fabric

So seventies Pillow-cover, vintage fabric

Cute bird bib, anyone?  This Bean Pickle Sprout

Paisley Blue Polka Dot Bird Bib

Orange Bird in the Stripes Bib

This is Little Girl Pearl.   I really like the combination of fabrics that are used in several of the dresses. 

The Extrovert Jumper, Sizes 1 2 3 4

Birds and Butterflies Go Modern Swing Jumper Dress, ON HOLD FOR JCOLLIER, DO NOT PURCHASE

This is Mot and Dot.  Custom Art for Kids.  Each of the prints they have are customizable!  Skin color, eye color, hair color, etc.  There are choices for a princess, super hero, cowboy, pirate, soilder, astronaut, and my favorite — wrestler!

Customizable Fairy Princess Print

Customizable Astronaut Print

Customizable Pop Princess Print

Customizable Luchador Print

This is Jennifer Ladd.  An AP who adopted her little girl from Phu Tho!  Hi Jennifer.  Very cute bib sets.

Pink Flea Market Flowers bib and burp cloth set

Bib and burp cloth set, bright red flowers

And what would an Etsy Friday be without end with cute shoes?  How about some cute reversible shoes?  For $2.99!  Crazy.

This is Coffee Lady.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.   Thanks for stopping by.

Etsy Friday

I love paper.  I say I am a scrapbooker so I can buy tons of it but I don’t really accomplish much.  I just love it and all the embellishments that go with it.  Today’s post is all about paper.

I am starting with my fantasy (well concerning paper, that is).  Beautiful letterpress calling cards.  For the “ladies that lunch” in all of us.  This is Invited Ink.  Lovely. 

Calling Cards - LETTERPRESS - Scrolled 2 color- 250 cards

 Next is Enfin, La Voila.  I love these whimsical note cards.  These are a couple of my favorites.  This is “Bad Hair Day”.

Bad hairday - The ultimate kitch note card - Set of 4

And this is a really cool “Save the Date” card.

Chandelier and blue eyed bird - save the date - set of 20 cards and envelopes

Here is Jengs Shop.  I love her nature inspired designs. 

I think I may have highlighted this seller before but I am too lazy to save this post and go look.  So if I have repeated myself.  Sorry!  This is Modern Printed Matter.  And really, it is. 

Totally retro calling card.

Vintage Rotary Phone - Personalized Calling Cards (Set of 24)

Awesome personalized notes.

glowing leaves personalized notes (set of 12)

Tags?  Embellishments?  We got ’em.

The Paper Pixie.


SIMPLY Fabulous Collection VICTORIAN Tags for scrapbooking/card/ACEO/ATC  making embellishments

Creative Paper Trail.

Journal Spot Embellishments

Red Flower Mini Cards

Foxy Cropper.

Potty People He Said, She Said Journaling Spots

Scallop Circle Square Oval Flourish Journaling Spots

This is Pacokeco.  Cute!

EN FRANCAIS French Language Flashcards - Set of 27 - Quel Amusement

I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE Eiffel Tower Ephemera Paper Embellishments - Set of 4 -

And for those of you who have had enough paper. 


Both by Funky Shapes.

Post finished.  Phew – I made it.  11:45 p.m.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Etsy Friday

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments to my last post.  It is a great big world out there filled with really nice, caring people.  Thanks, again.

This is Gypsy & Twink.  Talk about cute creatures cut out of wood!

pale blue elephant with bird

2 ladies, orange

This is Bella Sera Baby.  I think these jackets are the cutest things, ever!

harvest jacket

lime jacket

I really like this artist.  I seems most of the work I am attracted to lately looks like illustrations from children’s books.  This is Stephanie Fizer.  Cute and quirky!

Small Bunny Girl Limited Edition Square Print

Queen of Hearts Limited Edition Print

Organic, modern, metal by Rachael Sudlow!  Check out this cute necklaces.

Silver Lotus Necklace

And what would Etsy Friday be without some cute baby shoes?  This is Joujoux Boutique.

The Luella  - 100 percent wool felt

The Olivia--baby booties----

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for being so kind and supportive.