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Husband and I went to see Mama Mia on Tuesday.  It was really good.  After our bad experience with Pirates of Penzance I was a little apprehensive.  If you don’t know already, Mama Mia is a musical that is all songs by ABBA.  I wasn’t that fond of their songs back when they were popular so I didn’t know what to think.  It is a really cute, funny, high energy show.  The time goes by fast and you will find yourself laughing throughout.  I would highly recommend it.  I still want to try and score some tickets for Stomp.  I saw it about 6 years ago in Houston and really loved it.

Nothing going on in the adoption front.  We are expecting our 171 next week so hopefully things will quickly move on to the “waiting for the referral” stage.  My agency still says there is a about a 1-3 month wait but I am not holding my breath.  I think that if my dossier goes to Vietnam week after next we will end up anywhere between 8-10 on our agency’s waiting list. 

I finished sewing some things the last few weeks and thought I would post pictures today.  I made another blanket dsc_00421.jpg and have fabric to make one more.  Here is a cute dress I made dsc_00481-medium-web-view.jpg that looks complicated and was so simple I thought I must have done something wrong!  It criss crosses in the back and I made bloomers in matching material.  Please take notice of the flower buttons that I found that look like they were made for this material.  Here is a dress that I made dsc_00471-medium-web-view.jpg after seeing this on Etsy.   I just loved the fabric combination!

And in closing I thought I would post a picture of my god-daughter that I took over the weekend.  We were having some nice warm weather here in Austin so we put her in a bathing suit and plunked her down by the swimming pool.  Pretty soon it will be warm enough to actually get in the pool!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Jenn over at Long Adventures for being the best new mommy ever. She is not only taking care of her newborn son she is blogging about it, taking lots of pictures, entertaining family and giving TV interviews! I have no excuses. I am making a promise to myself to start posting more regularly.  See you all very soon.


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My husband and I went to see Pirates of Penzance Friday night.  Good Lord.  This show was so bad it managed to both suck AND blow.  We left 2 songs into the second half.  I didn’t realize that it was written in 1879.  Yeah.  The performers were great it was just too much like opera singing for me.  Especially the lead female.  Way too soprano-ie for my tastes.  We saw Man of La Mancha and Lion King so far this “season” and they were great.  We have tickets to see Mama Mia next month.  I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

Nothing to report in the adoption news.  Just waiting for the 171.  I don’t expect to see it until the first week in May.  I do have things to report in adoption shopping though.  I picked up the nursery furniture I ordered from JC Penny.  While I was in the mall I just happened to go into Gymboree and pick up a “few” things too. 140019925.jpg

I have also managed to find some really cute things at Wal-Mart 0072453613493_500×500.jpg and Target and JC Penny and oh, you get the idea.  I am finishing up a dress I made and have also finished another blanket.  I will post pictures tomorrow. 

Oh, I also found this diaper bag at the bottom of clearance bin at Marshalls.  I never dig through stuff because I don’t have the patience but I recognized the fabric from pictures I had seen online for this brand (Kecci).  It was $19.  Quite a deal. pw0003-47.jpg

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10 Odd Things About Me

Last week, Jenn over at Long Adventures tagged me to write 10 odd things about myself.  This was before her incredible news (if you haven’t heard about it you need to hop over to her blog and check it out) and I am very late responding.  It actually took me longer to come up with this list than I thought it would.  I consider myself to be a little strange so I thought I would have tons of odd things to entertain you with.    None of them are interesting odd.  People, it turns out I am boring odd.  My husband came up with most of them.  Some of you might think that would be a bad thing but my husband is strange too and my oddness (or lack thereof) is what makes him love me.  Ladies, don’t get jealous but my husband rocks.  Really.  Truly.  Well, here goes:

  1. I smell everything before I eat it.  I just sniff then eat.  It doesn’t matter who cooked, prepared or served the food to me.  I don’t even know I am doing it until someone laughs or comments on it.  My husband laughed about this until last week when he took a big swig of his chocolate milk and promptly had to spit out the big chunk of spoiledness.
  2. I won’t drink a bottle of water after it has been open and left out.  It doesn’t matter if it is only a day.  I don’t care if the lid is on.  I don’t care that the house isn’t hot.  It now has bacteria in it.  I don’t care what anyone says.  I won’t drink the bacteria water.  My mom trys to fool me with bottled water when I visit.  Not only does she try to pass off the water as non-bacterial she actually thinks I can’t taste that it’s tap water, too.  This is tap water from Houston, Texas, people.  You can smell the chlorine from 10 paces.  Over Easter I was visiting their house and I pull a bottle of water from the fridge and unscrew the cap.  I didn’t hear the breaking free of the cap from it’s ring but I was talking at the time.  As I was lifting the bottle to my mouth I noticed it had lipstick on the opening.  My mother didn’t even take the time to wipe her own lipstick off before refilling the Ozarka bottle with Houston tap water.  Good Lord.
  3. I am a medical savant.  That actual term may be pushing it a bit but it sounds good.  Seriously though, I can usually diagnose people’s ailments and sometimes offer a course of treatment.  Someone will be talking about some symptons they are having and I can usually tell them what they have.  Friends, strangers, people on TV, whatever.  I don’t know why but I just can.  I think I just remember stuff I read about illnesses and their symptons and then just match them.  My husband enjoys telling people I have my Internet MD while he rolls his eyes.
  4. I tend to sing songs in a really annoying opera voice.  It makes me laugh.  I don’t know how this started but I do it pretty consistently.  U2?  Opera.  Foo Fighters?  Opera.  Incubus?  Opera.  By the way, I HATE THE OPERA!  My husband took me to see Phantom of the Opera and after the first song started I looked over at him in horror and said “this whole thing is going to be sung like an opera??!!”  Duh.  It was a LONG 2 hours.
  5. I can’t drink out of a can.  Let me clarify.  I am physically able to drink out of a can but I hate it.  I love Diet Coke but will not drink it out of a can.  It tastes gross and it isn’t cold enough.  It must be over ice.  Now I am really freaked out about even pouring out of a can because MY REALLY SWEET BROTHER IN LAW sent me an email about how rats urinate all over cans while they are warehoused.  Turns out that once rat urine has dried you can inhale it and get Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.  You can enjoy reading about it here
  6. I hate the alarm clock.  It makes me furious when it goes off.  How dare it tell me when it is time to get up?  Irrational?  I know!  But it doesn’t change the fact that it makes my blood boil.
  7. I cannot “sleep in public”.  I never slept in school and I can’t sleep on an airplane.  I am a wreck when I fly overseas.  Last time I flew to London I took an Ambien.  Nothing.  My husband and I flew to Itlay for our honeymoon.  I took a Valium and was even in first class with all the extra room.  Nothing.  The trip to Vietnam is going to be hell for a day or two until I catch up on my sleep.  And just think, after we get the baby we will never get sleep again.  Goody.
  8. I am the Queen of Obscure References.  I can come up with the weirdest factoids.  Why does my brain retain odd and useless scraps of information?  It is amusing at a dinner party but it isn’t going to get me a job at NASA.
  9. I don’t use recipes to cook.  I will look at several for ideas and then just throw in my own thing in my own amounts.  This actually works quite well for cooking but not so much for baking.  Baking takes exact measurements.  Most of my baked good are really ugly.
  10. I don’t know if this is odd but I can put names to almost any voice (of note) who does voiceovers, narrations, etc. on radio or TV.  Do you have one that is driving you crazy?  Ask me.  I can tell you.

Well, that’s it.  It’s not too exciting.  No OCD behavior here to amuse you with but I bet you want to come over for drinks so I can sing in my opera voice and interest you with useless trivia!

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You may be shocked to learn that there is more to me than being a blogger or PAP (prospective adoptive parent – for those of you not in the adoption game).  When I am not reading blogs or writing on my own,  I actually operate a small business selling designer purses.  I have a website (and I use that term loosely because it is pretty ugly at the moment) www.doorno3.com that tells a little about how I get my bags and a .pdf file that shows my current inventory.  These bags are  not cheap but they are much, much less than you would pay for the same bag, on-line or in the store, right now.  If you or anyone you know likes “high end” purses please direct them to my site.  You can look at the bags, sign up for my newsletter or heaven forbid, call or email me to make a purchase!

Now, on to “baby stuff”.  I think I mentioned I bought a crib set from ebay?  I got it last week and like it but I am not loving it.  I am going to have to see once I put it all together.  I may have to foof it up some.  Add ball fringe or something.  I ordered two pillows from Etsy that have birds on them.  I got those today.  They are REALLY cute.  I really like Etsy (website that sells handmade items) and if you haven’t looked at it, I highly recommend it.  Some of the stuff on there is downright cheap, not to mention VERY different than the mass market items you see in the store. 

I made a blanket last week.  Orange Blanket It turned out cute, though I am disturbed that I can’t sew a straight line.  I blame it on the chenille.  I also made a bib that turned out too small.  Looks like the size for a newborn.  I am going to enlarge the pattern and make it so the corners are squared.  Turns out I can’t sew a curved line either.  I’m NOT posting a picture of it.  I don’t want you to see my “rounded” corners and also my, ahem, really good friend pointed out that the straps were different widths. 

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I haven’t written in 5 days.  It annoys me when other bloggers I read do that to me!  So here is my overdue post.  

I went to go get my fingerprints on Wednesday.  When I checked in at the main counter the man asked me if my husband was there last week.  I told him yes and complimented him on his memory.  Turns out he rememberd the last name because it was written on a post it note stuck to his desk to tell me that my husband’s fingerprints were REJECTED (damn his sweaty hands).  He is currently out of town so we can’t go until Tuesday to get his redone.  I am going to go with him in case mine were rejected in the meantime.

I stopped at the outlet mall on the way home.  The outlet was kind to me.  Well, at least Pottery Barn was.  I got lots of stuff for the nursery.  I had purchased a crib set on e-Bay on Monday (with birds because that is my theme) but ended up buying a bumper at Pottery Barn anyway.  For $19.99!  It has all the colors that I want to bring into the nursery (turquoise, dark pink, green, etc).  I also got the cutest wooden chair, curtains, mobile, shower curtain and rings (have to redecorate the bathroom too!) crib sheet ($2.99), bird candles and a lampshade.  All for less than $164.  Do I rock, or what?  Did I mention before that I was going to wait to decorate the nursery until AFTER the referral?  Well, I’m a big fat liar.  Actually, if you want to be technical, I haven’t “decorated” yet.  Just shopped.  Speaking of which, the crib I wanted from JC Penny was on sale so I went ahead and bought it, a dresser and end table too.  Saved myself $340 by doing it now.  The plastic on my newly replaced American Express has softened due to all of the swiping. 

It’s been raining like a mofo here in Austin, which is nice because Lake Travis is down 25 feet.  Between the rain last week and this week the lake has risen 15 feet.  I think that gives you an idea of the rainfall we’ve had.  The bad news is that some of our oak trees are just now starting to drop their leaves and their “worms” (fringy, curly thing they grow this time of year) straight into the pool.  It was a lovely shade of green yesterday with lots of “worms” in it.  I spent some time cleaning it out and adding chemicals yesterday afternoon.  Last night we had tornado-like winds.  Guess what’s in the pool?  You know what’s even better?  In a few weeks there will be real worms in the oak trees.  I don’t know what they are but they “hatch” every April and proceed to hang out of the trees via a thin line of webbing and brush the top of your head or hit you in the face as you walk by.  It’s beyond creepy.  Anyone up for a pool party?  The worms are on me!

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