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Etsy Saturday

What?  I know.  I am a day late again but I am not a dollar short.  Today I am going to overwhelm you with cute goodness.  Instead of highlighting one Etsy seller today, I am going to highlight several.

I am going to start with an artist that really intrigues me.  She is Badbird.  I found her work when I started looking for bird pictures for the nursery.  I love her work because they look like children’s books illustrations.  If she hasn’t illustrated a children’s book.  She should.  Seriously. 

Screaming Bird

Queen of Hearts

This next seller, Avie Designs, designs paper products.  I particularly like the calling cards.  I think it is a great idea because I am always writing my phone number and email address on a scrap of paper from my purse.  How cute would one of these designs be instead?

The next seller, Posh Kids Co. has some very cute things.  Their prices for their dresses are high for me but their bibs, beanies, etc. seem fair.  I really like their fabric combinations and their photographer is very, very good.  My favorite things are their beanies.  How cute is this:

Brown with Aqua Crochet Hat Beanie

Beanie, baby, dress, photograph.  All of it is very, very nice. 

Excuse me?  Who wouldn’t want space girl pajamas?  Oh how I wish these came in MY size. 

spacegirl 100 percent cotton pyjamas

The seller is Pink Cherry Blossom and she has just started on Etsy and only has a few things in her shop.  She also has 2 other sets of pajamas that have little asian girls on them.  Very cute.

I couldn’t close this post without a wombat, could I?

Erma the  Wombat

This is Erma.  Adorable.  This is from Two Little Banshees (hhmm, I wonder how many children she has at home …).  She also has a really cute platypus (she actually has several but I had NO IDEA how to make platypus plural and didn’t want to get accused of “talking dirty”), some bugs and a really cute alien.

Happy looking and shopping everyone.


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Boo Hoo


It’s Sunday night and the weekend’s over.  Bummer.

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Summer TV Viewing

I hate to admit it but I watch a lot of TV.  I know that’s kind of “distasteful” to admit but that’s the harsh reality.  So suck it up people.  I have.  Until recently, summer has been a TV wasteland.  That’s what books are for.  I have already read 4 in the last 3 weeks.  But fear not.  There are 3 new shows starting this Summer that I have set to record in my God send DVR and hopefully, enjoy.  May I just say I love my DVR so much that I would marry it and have it’s children if I could?  I feel society wouldn’t be very accepting of us, being a couple and all. 

Burn Notice.  Series Premiere Thursday, June 28 at 9pm Central Time on USA.  “When spies get fired, they don’t get a letter from human resources.  They get BURNED…” Starring Jeffrey Donovan, who is much, much better looking than my DVR, as a the spy that gets “burned”.  Gabrielle Anwar (looks like the Scent of a Woman actress has been hitting the gym) plays his ex-girlfriend.  Bruce Campbell (you may know him as Ash Williams from Army of Darkness, one of the best cheesy movies, EVER) plays the “friend and partner in crime”.  And finally, Sharon “Cagney & Lacey” Gless plays his mother. 

Saving Grace.  Series Premiere Wednesday, July 18 at 9 pm Central Time on TNT.  Holly Hunter makes her “television series debut” as Grace “I’ve Been Touched by an Angel who is Played by the Bartender from the HBO series “Deadwood”” Hanadrako.  “A tormented, fast-living Oklahoma City police detective who, despite being at the top of her field, takes self-destruction to new heights.”  It also stars 4 guys I have never heard of and Laura San Giacomo as a criminalist.  I didn’t like LSG much until she was in Just Shoot Me.  I love Holly Hunter and think she is a tremendous actress.  I love her southern accent and think she gets to use it in all it’s glory in this show.  I hope, since she is playing a detective, that the show will have a mystery as well as her “searching for the good, with a heart full of love and pain, and a surprising tenderness when you least expect it”.  I also assume that since she meets an angel there will be spiritual overtones.  This can very good if it is done without shoving it down your throat.  We will see.

Holly Hunter Pictures

Damages.  Series Premiere Tuesday, July 24th at 9 pm Central Time on FX.  Glenn Close stars as the “the nation’s most revered and reviled high-stakes litigator”, Patty Hewes.  I guess this makes her an “attorney, plain and tall”.  Ted Danson plays Arthur Frobisher, “one of the country’s wealthiest CEOs” .  From the synopsis on the FX website, it sounds like the whole show is based on the one case, a class action lawsuit filed against Ted Danson’s company.  I haven’t seen any previews of this show and have only read one other review.  I like Glenn Close, she’s had practice playing an attorney (remember Jagged Edge?) and I also like Ted Danson.  I guess I will tune in to see if  “lives, as well as fortunes, may be at stake.”

Don’t forget the new season of Monk and Psych starts on Friday, July 13th at 8 pm. 

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Etsy Friday

Hey!  It’s an Etsy Friday post on Friday.  Woohoo.  Today’s seller is Miss Fickle Media (Where rubber stamping and jewelry-making collide!).  She mostly sells very cool pendants, most of which are $5.00. Yep, that’s right.  $5 small smackaroos.

Black Pods on Hazelnut - Polymer Pendant

Queen Annes Lace on Blue Pearl - Polymer Pendant

She also sells paper arts, and a few with sterling silver chains.  I think this one is quite fetching:

I hope everyone has a happy, happy Friday and look for a post on summer TV viewing (I know, you can hardly wait) coming soon.

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Another New Look

This template is a tad more my style but still not quite there.  I like this look better but I can’t control the sidebar (widgets).  It pushed through my blogroll but nothing else.  There is some type of “fix” for this but I can’t be bothered to type in code.  Please.

Nicole at Our Vietnamese Ladybug posted a link in the comments section to the website of a woman who creates blog templates.  I checked it out and liked some of what I saw.  I have emailed her to ask about pricing.  We will see what happens.  Right now the free stuff is working okie dokie.

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New Look

Obviously, I changed my blog template.  I think it is easier to read but isn’t very snazzy.  There was another template I like better but you can’t have widgets.  I will give this one a test run.  What do you think?  I will post the other one in a few days.

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Blog Surfing is an amazing thing.  I can start reading someone’s blog and click on some of their links and then the links from those and just go on and on and on.  Sometimes I have to MAKE myself get off of the computer.  I figured out I actually have to go out and experience life to write about it.  Who knew?

I know I promised to post this yesterday but guess what?  My actual life got in the way.  Yipee.  My husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to go out boating on Lake Travis.  We spent the whole afternoon driving around the lake, wake boarding and drinking some ice cold Sauvingnon Blanc.  My husband and I are Costco shoppers and have had really good luck finding great, inexpensive wine there.  We always try to stay under $12 a bottle.  Here are two that we had in the last week that are quite yummy.  They are both from New Zealand and I am sure could be found at places other than Costco.

Kim Crawford 2006 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.  This wine was rated in the Top 100 of 2006 by Wine Spectator.  It tastes pineappely/grapefruity to me.  (Please don’t be intimidated by my techinical wine terms).  It is $11.99 per bottle. 

Saint Clair 2006 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.  Also in the Top 100 of 2006 list.  Tastes like passionfruit and is very crisp.  $10.99.

As promised, here are a few blogs I have enjoyed reading that aren’t adoption related.  I have a strange sense of humor so some of these might not be at all funny to you.  Again, I would like to say that these women and men aren’t afraid to use some very colorful language.  If you are shocked and apalled, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Badger Meets World (Sometimes Evil Drives a Minivan).  This Austin mother of two is very funny, sarcastic, snarky and BUSY.  She has 5 blogs.  She was recently mentioned in an article about family mealtime in The New York Times so she has had a dramatic increase in you blog views lately.

Amalah (The Queen of Everything).  She lives in the DC area and writes about her son and just daily life.  Funny, and also writes for two other blogs and, according to her “about” page she loves Coach bags, TiVo, Indian food and very high heels.

Finslippy (You Don’t Know What it is but You Know You Like It).  A mother of a preschooler who lives in New Jersey.  She also writes for other blogs and is funny.  Are you seeing a trend here?

Karlababble (Where My Babble and Your Boredom Meet).  Another cool Texas chick.  I have only been reading her blog for a short while but the few posts I read made me laugh out loud.  A lot.  Her posts are like comedy sketches.

Just Another Ink-Stained Wretch (Currently claiming the number one spot on Google for ‘Oprah’s Toe’).  “Barbara in California” is a freelance writer.  Her posts are interesting and entertaining. 

There are a lot more I read but they are all on these people’s blogrolls.  Click on through and explore.  I can promise a laugh or two. 

I have some favorite craft blogs and some food blogs.  I will save those for another time.  I hope you enjoy.

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