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just type “Holly Hunter” in a post.  Go ahead, try it.  Remeber awhile back I had a TV review of some new summer shows?  Well, one of the shows stars Holly Hunter.  So, of course I typed “Holly Hunter” in my post.    I am getting lots and I mean LOTS of hits because of people searching for her.  I had 743, yes you read that right, 743 hits in one day.  What the hell?  I guess because she is in a new show she is sparking a lot of people’s interest.  I also mentioned Glenn Close’s new show and searches for her are NOTHING compared to Miss Hunter.  What gives?  Speaking of her show — I missed the first dang episode.  Now I have missed the second because I didn’t want to watch it before the first.  Has anybody seen the first two?  What did you think?  Did anybody start watching Burn Notice?  It totally rocks. 

No adoption news.  We are still lucky #7 on the waiting list.


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Etsy Friday

Hello Kind Readers.  First off, thank you all for your very nice comments on my nursery.  You are very sweet.

It turns out that one of the Etsy sellers I had slated to use today is also Etsy’s “Featured Seller” for today.  Her name is Yellena and her shop is Drawings and Paintings by Yellena.  She was born in Sarajevo and lived there until the end of the civil war, in 1995. During the war, she had to sneak past numerous snipers to attend a high-school that was dedicated to the arts.  I would say that this is a person who is serious about her art.  You can find more of her story here.



The next seller is Circa Ceramics.  Their stuff is so fun!  I love the colors and the whimsy.  Check these out:

12oz cup carved kincaid (black/flaxen)

lo bowl - fortune kitty (striped greens)

and these:

flora espresso cups (set of 2)

Me and my pendants.  Caught Red Handed makes resin ones that are really fun.  They range in prices from around $5-10.   Check these out:

Bloom--Japanese Chiyogami Flower Pendant necklace

Vintage Garden--Vintage Floral Pendant NEW DESIGN

Vintage cherries, anyone?

Cherry--VIntage Pendant

And I thought I would close today with Knotty Baby Wear because really, who doesn’t want a pair of knitted baby cowboy boots?

pink and brown baby booties shoes cowboy cowgirl boots etsykids

Who?  Who?

Happy shopping everyone and have a great weekend.

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I know I have been yammering on about my nursery having a bird theme.  I finally bit the bullet and painted the walls  with two coats of a yellow-green (hated the color at first – it looked dayglo until I got all the walls painted) and then yesterday and today I painted THE TREE.  I got the “inspiration” for my nursery from a onesie I bought at Target:


Then one day way back in March I was reading Jen’s blog and she had some great pictures posted that looked just like the idea from this onesie. 


I emailed her and she was nice enough to tell me where she found them (americanbaby.com) I went to the site and copied the pictures and have been putting things together ever since. 

I printed the tree (with some modifications by me) onto a transparency and used an overhead projector and voila!  Here it is:



I haven’t finished with everything so I will post pictures of the completed nursery soon.

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Etsy Day

Well, I guess it could still be Friday SOMEWHERE …

The first seller is Breathing Beside Us.  She has a really cute take on a onesie by adding a little ruffle on the legs and the crocheting (I think it is crocheting) around the sleeves. 

Saucy and Fresh Baby

How about a hat to go with your new onesie?  Lovely Knits makes really cute beanies and for $9 I think it is quite a bargain.  She has sizes from 0-6 all the way up to 4-10.

INTRODUCTION SALE 1-2T Crochet Beanie Cap With Flower

Next I have to spotlight a home town girl!  Bella Blu Designs makes baby things with cool fabrics and cute styles.  I like the colors on this burp cloth set:

Burp cloth or changing pad set in chocolate zebra and polka dot

And if you like weiner dogs take a look at this combo:

Wiener dog onesie and burpcloth set in gold polka dot

She also designs really cute birth announcements and invitations.

Accordian fold birth announcement

Baby O’ Really has several types of items for sale but I really like the very tiny hair clips.  They are all made and cut by hand.  Considering how small some of these are, this is quite impressive.  They sell for $7-10 and are really sweet.

Pipsqueak the Mouse Felt Hairclip

Happy shopping everyone and I hope you have a great weekend.

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Friday the 13th …

… was a VERY good day at our adoption agency.  They received G&R dates for 4 families that were waiting to travel to Phu Tho.  If you keep up with the adoption boards much you know that the Phu Tho province has had all kinds of problems in recent months.  Because of this they got very backlogged scheduling G&Rs.  Congratulations to all of these families.  I know they have been waiting a long time.  Our agency ALSO received 2 referrals!  Congratulations to them!  So,  what does this mean to me?  Well, we are now #7 on the waiting list!!  Yipee.  Woohoo.  Yeehaw.

Cute baby picture ahead:


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Etsy Friday

Hello everyone!  It’s Friday so you know what that means?  That’s right, lots and lots of drinking.  Oh, wait a minute.  I meant to say it means lots and lots of cute goodies from Etsy.  Okay.  It means both.  I’ll post and then start drinking.

Since my future daughter’s internet name is ‘Birdy’ and birds are also the theme of her nursery, today’s posting will be all bird-related.

Loose String does wonderful applique work with wool felt.  Here is a pretty pillow and a darling pin cushion.

Turquoise and Chartreuse Birds Pillow

Joom creates beautiful pillows, cards and art.

New Arrival Olive Cardinal on Agapanthus 17 Square Linen Pillow

New Arrival Olive Green on White Cotton Cardinal on Agapanthus Rectangle Pillow

Hadley Hutton has beautiful bird art.  My friend Tamara (who is in Vietnam with her new baby girl – Hi T and Paige) turned me on to this artist since she knows I like birds:

April Bird and Blossoms

Showering Bird

Madison Craft Studio makes really cute pendants.  They are $3.  That means we can buy lots and lots of them.

Mod Tree On Yellow Pendant

I know it’s not a bird but it is a bird’s place of residence.  It’s close enough.

Palampore Tree Pendant - Featuring the work of Andrew Daniel

And finally, Ubiki, who does wonderful whimsical things:

Flip the Bird

Have you had enough birds?  Do you want to peck my eyes out?  Have I ruffled your feathers?  Have I put all of my eggs in one basket?  Alright.  Enough already.  I encourage you to go check out these sellers.  They have much more than what I have shown here.  Happy shopping.

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Single Digits

Hello Everyone.  I know I have been terrible about posting and I missed Etsy Friday because I was out of town.  I promise to post it this Friday with lots of cute things.  The good news is I found out yesterday that we have now moved to the #9 spot on our agency’s waiting list.  Yipee!  I am keeping my fingers crossed for a referral by September.  My birthday is in September as well as my wedding anniversary.  It would be a good month for a referral!

I took some more pictures of my goddaughter at our pool a week or two ago.  Here is one that her parents made into cards to send out to friends:


It’s Summertime.  Let’s Party!!

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