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Etsy Friday

Good morning Faithful Readers.  I appreciate you sticking around.  I wanted to start this week’s Etsy picks with a seller that I ordered from last week.  Vinyl Wall Art has the absolute cutest vinyl decals.  Their prices are WAY cheaper than the “modern” online stores I have seen them in before.  They can be removed (but not resused) when you are tired of them.  I ordered these in white and turquoise:

Three Birds Wall Decals

and these in pink: 

Wall Art Quail and Flowers

I also really like this chandelier:

ivCreations has some very cute jewelry.  I like these:

and this:

RESERVED for Cris- Carved Jade Rose Ring

and these:

Wire Wrapped Amethyst Quartz Earrings

How about some more jewelry?  This is Bombalurina.  How about this cool necklace?

Or this one?

And finally, I thought I would end with some cute things for baby.  Cherry Blossom has really cute hair accessories.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Hello? Is this thing on?

If anyone is still reading after my long absence, bless you.  I wish I had something witty, interesting or exciting to report, but I don’t.  I have been feeling blah and uninspired so I haven’t written or done much of anything else.  I need to snap myself out of it so this is my first start.  Tomorrow, cute things from Etsy.

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Etsy Day

Happy Saturday eveyone.  Here are some goodies from Etsy this week.  I thought I would start with some fur babies:

The first seller is Plants and Animals and her creatures are SO cute but what is even sweeter are the descriptions for her stuffies.  This is Ramone.  He loves fudgesicles and to vacuum.

This is Siegfried.  He loves peanut butter and drive-in movies.

Okay, one more:  This is Roger the Sasquatch and Douglas the tree.  Roger loves hiking and river rafting with his best friend Douglas.

There are several more like this with equally cute descriptions.  She also has some artwork, magnets, etc.

Our next seller is Ola Design.  She offers hand painted ceramic and glass decor accessories.  They are so pretty and delicate looking.

Vinegar and Oil Bottles

This set can be customized.  I think I am going to order it for Birdie’s bathroom or nursery and have her use turquoise and hot pink and add some birds (duh – of course). 

I think any of her items would make great wedding or birthday gifts.

The following are photographs from Alicia Bock Photography.  I love her work but am the most fond of her “through the viewfinder” series.  They are very dreamy and serene.

Pink Sugar- Original Signed Fine Art Photograph - Alicia Bock

Coral Bells- Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

Here is one framed to give you an idea of the “feeling”:

This item is a special post for my blog friend ‘e’ over at Looking for George.  I think her, fingers crossed, soon to be referred son would look really, really cute in this hat.  This is from Eeny Meeny Mieny Moe.  She also sells cute personalized burp cloths. 

Hip to be SQUARE

That’s all folks!  Have a great weekend.

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I realize that most of the people who read my blog are fellow prospective adoptive parents (except for the 1000’s of Holly Hunter Google searchers) and the following is a real concern for us traveling BUT come on — really!  Doesn’t Dengue Fever sounds like something Gilligan would get?  Couldn’t they come up with a better name than that?

Can’t you just see him all sweaty with fever hallucinating that the rest of the castaways wanted to boil him in a human sized pot over an open flame?  They would all be wearing grass skirts, holding spears, and have bones through their noses.  Then poor Gilligan’s fever would break and the whole crew would have a good laugh as the credits rolled. 

Is it not bad enough that we have to be concerned about Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Polio, and Malaria now we have to worry about a virus that AT BEST can cause excruciating joint pain and at worst can cause your internal organs to MELT?  Personally, I would prefer to not have my gall bladder leak out of my sphincter somewhere in Southeast Asia.  Seriously though, as bad as the news media is making this out to be, according to the World Health Organization, this disease is still not nearly as lethal as malaria.  I don’t hear anyone freaking out about malaria so lets try to keep our wits (and livers) about us.

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So, what’s up with this Restless Leg Syndrome?  Is there such a epidemic of people jerking around in bed at night that we need to be bomarded with endless commercials for not one but two different medications for this condition?  Have you paid attention to the side effects of these drugs?  Uncontrollable sexual and gambling urges!?  So let me get this straight.  You won’t get tingly sensations in your legs but you may start dry humping the person sitting next to you at the black jack table?  Weird.

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