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Four Years Ago Today …

… my husband and I were married.  I can’t believe how fast 4 years flew by but at the same time it seems a lot longer than that.  Weird how that works. 

My husband was diagnosed with cancer 6 months after we were married.  We spent our 1st anniversary in the South Austin Cancer Center.  I was madly in love with my husband when we got married.  More than I thought possible.  But after going through that tremendous hardship with him, I am even more in love with him now than I was then.  I am grateful every day that our relationship was strengthened by adversity and not shattered by it.  He is the absolute best husband and partner and am thankful that we found each other. 


Happy 4th Anniversary, Shon.  I love you.

P.S.  In case you were wondering, my husband had squamous cell carcinoma at the base of his tongue.  And no, he never smoked.  If you are familiar at all with the treatment for this type of cancer you know how brutal the cure is.  Enduring daily radiation in your mouth (TWICE a day during the last two weeks) while at the same time your body is being ravished by chemotherapy isn’t the best of times.  The human spirit is an amazing thing.  He has been cancer free for 3 years now.  


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Etsy Friday

Cute shoes anyone? Just Kidd’n Babywear makes very cute shoes and clothes for the kiddies.

Tess Baby Slippers Pick-Your-Size

All the way from Australia.  Sheeps Clothing.  She knits cute hats and scarves and uses beautiful color combinations.

Girls Pure Wool Handknitted Beanie / Hat with Detachable Flower.  Sizes to fit baby, toddler, child. Australia

 I found a great place for cute hair clips.  Pink Owl Creations makes lots of different ribbon and color combinations. 

Any coffee drinkers out there?  How about adding a pretty to those paper cups?  This is by Paper Rock Scissors.  I don’t drink coffee but may start so I can use this.  Clever, useful and cute.

 brown tweed coffee shrug

Have a great weekend everyone.

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I’m Feeling the Love!

I was tagged by 3 people to write a meme.  Seriously, with me not writing very much lately I feel very grateful that my blog buddies still stop by and check on me.  I was tagged K at Journey to Our Child, E at Looking for George and Jenn at Long Adventures

You have to post these rules before you give the facts:

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged, you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged & to read your blog!

So here goes and if anyone calles me Ouisie after this I will block you for life.

L is for my terrible laziness and lethargy and the limbo I am in lately.  Do I get extra points for coming up with 3? 

O is for ornithology.  I have had a tremendous amount of birds at my feeder lately and I love watching them.  Since we have had so much rain here the birds had two nests this season and both sets of their “kids” are using our feeder too.  I am posting a picture at the bottom of this post of a finch feeder a few of her babies.

U is for the unusual size my ass has become.  And by unusual, I mean large.

I is for inspiration.  Here is hoping I get more of it soon. 

S is for sharing.  I have been cleaning out closets, drawers and the attic.  I have a lot of clothes, decorative items, linens and tons and tons of books that need to find good homes.  I have been thinking a lot about how they could go to the best use without just calling Salvation Army to take the whole lot away.  Any ideas?

E is for Elise.  My wonderful mother’s name and my soon to be daughter’s middle name.

I am tagging K at Patience is a Virtue, K at Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, T at Our Journey to Paige, B at Solbergs Squared, S at Our Vietnamese Ladybug, and finally (why, oh why does my middle name have SIX LETTERS?) J at Love from Vietnam.  If any of you have been tagged already, I’m sorry!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.


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Houston, we have a referral!


Well, sort of.  Have you noticed that up until recently referrals “all over town” had slowed down significantly?  Well Decree 69 was finally implemented and this has affected the referral process.  Decree 69 says that referrals are supposed to be “unidentified,” meaning that both the adoptive family dossier and the baby dossier are fully approved before a child is matched with a family. The intent behind the law seems to be that the US Embassy and the DIA want to avoid situations where the referral falls through after it has been offered to waiting families.   It also should cut down on the great variation among agencies in the amount of time families are waiting between referral and travel. If the referral is received after the letter of offering has been issued, there is no more process to be completed other than scheduling the ceremony.  Two families with my agency were one of the first to receive their referral under the new guidelines and they traveled 3 weeks after their referral!!  I don’t think all waits after referral will be this short but the news is encouraging.  The majority of the waiting will be on the front end now instead of the tail.  That works for me!! 

Oh yeah, getting back to my referral.  Because this (Decree 69) changes the timing of when referrals are offered to waiting families, our agency went ahead and notified us (and 6 other families) that we were “matched” with a baby girl (from Phu Tho Province) so we would be aware that a letter of offering was in process (great news!).  BUT because the letter of offering is not yet complete, this shouldn’t be considered an “official” referral (bummer news!).  Our agency will not be doing this in the future but made an exception for the families that started their “wait for referral” before Decree 69 was implemented.  No, we do not have pictures, medicals, history, etc.

So, that is my “sort of” referral news.  We should have the official referral in 4-6 weeks with travel happening 3-6 weeks after that.  Stay turned for additional referral news as it becomes available.

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