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Etsy Friday

I love paper.  I say I am a scrapbooker so I can buy tons of it but I don’t really accomplish much.  I just love it and all the embellishments that go with it.  Today’s post is all about paper.

I am starting with my fantasy (well concerning paper, that is).  Beautiful letterpress calling cards.  For the “ladies that lunch” in all of us.  This is Invited Ink.  Lovely. 

Calling Cards - LETTERPRESS - Scrolled 2 color- 250 cards

 Next is Enfin, La Voila.  I love these whimsical note cards.  These are a couple of my favorites.  This is “Bad Hair Day”.

Bad hairday - The ultimate kitch note card - Set of 4

And this is a really cool “Save the Date” card.

Chandelier and blue eyed bird - save the date - set of 20 cards and envelopes

Here is Jengs Shop.  I love her nature inspired designs. 

I think I may have highlighted this seller before but I am too lazy to save this post and go look.  So if I have repeated myself.  Sorry!  This is Modern Printed Matter.  And really, it is. 

Totally retro calling card.

Vintage Rotary Phone - Personalized Calling Cards (Set of 24)

Awesome personalized notes.

glowing leaves personalized notes (set of 12)

Tags?  Embellishments?  We got ’em.

The Paper Pixie.


SIMPLY Fabulous Collection VICTORIAN Tags for scrapbooking/card/ACEO/ATC  making embellishments

Creative Paper Trail.

Journal Spot Embellishments

Red Flower Mini Cards

Foxy Cropper.

Potty People He Said, She Said Journaling Spots

Scallop Circle Square Oval Flourish Journaling Spots

This is Pacokeco.  Cute!

EN FRANCAIS French Language Flashcards - Set of 27 - Quel Amusement

I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE Eiffel Tower Ephemera Paper Embellishments - Set of 4 -

And for those of you who have had enough paper. 


Both by Funky Shapes.

Post finished.  Phew – I made it.  11:45 p.m.  Have a great weekend everyone.


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Etsy Friday

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments to my last post.  It is a great big world out there filled with really nice, caring people.  Thanks, again.

This is Gypsy & Twink.  Talk about cute creatures cut out of wood!

pale blue elephant with bird

2 ladies, orange

This is Bella Sera Baby.  I think these jackets are the cutest things, ever!

harvest jacket

lime jacket

I really like this artist.  I seems most of the work I am attracted to lately looks like illustrations from children’s books.  This is Stephanie Fizer.  Cute and quirky!

Small Bunny Girl Limited Edition Square Print

Queen of Hearts Limited Edition Print

Organic, modern, metal by Rachael Sudlow!  Check out this cute necklaces.

Silver Lotus Necklace

And what would Etsy Friday be without some cute baby shoes?  This is Joujoux Boutique.

The Luella  - 100 percent wool felt

The Olivia--baby booties----

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for being so kind and supportive.

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You People Rock!

I can’t believe anyone still checks my blog.  I haven’t posted in months and still I get daily visitors and comments from readers.  It is truly amazing.  Thank you all!

A lot has been happening in my world and a lot has NOT been happening in my world.  Let’s start with what is NOT happening (at least not yet).  The adoption.  You may or may not know that my referral is from Phu Tho.  I am probably one of the last people in the U.S. (along with a few others from my agency) that received a referral from Phu Tho.  I received my referral on November 1st and the DIA stopped referring children from Phu Tho (and Thai Nguyen) on November 5th except for the ones that were already in process.  I have to say that receiving my referral right in the middle of the turmoil that was raging was very stressful and quashed a lot of the joy.  Since that time it has only gotten worse.  Around this same time I received my referral the USCIS changed the way the I600 was filed.  Since we are now required to file for the baby’s visa before we have actually adopted said baby, the province now needs to provide a Consent to Adopt (CTA) which, along with the baby’s dossier and other paperwork has to be filed with the I600 application.  Since November, Phu Tho has refused to release this document to me or any of the other families with PT referrals.  In January, Phu Tho decided to release CTAs to 2 of the waiting families.  Why they picked these 2 referrals to “release” is a mystery, especially considering these families received their referrals after I did.  These families have filed their I600 and are now awaiting the USCIS/DoS determination.  Phu Tho informed our agency that the releasing of the remaining CTAs would be dependent on the determination of these 2 other family’s applications. 

So, here we are.  Three months later and not one step closer to adopting this child.  Do I feel like I will actually bring home this baby?  Not really but anything is possible.  I wonder if this baby is still in the orphanage.  I have been told she is.  I have asked for updated photos and to date have not received them.  I have asked again and will see what comes of it.  Do I feel like we will bring any baby home from Vietnam?  Maybe.  Will I ask any more questions in this annoying manner?  Probably.

So there it is.  The story as I know it.  Make of it what you will.  I have lots of feelings and opinions on this situation (most of which shouldn’t be and won’t be shared at this time) and after reading this, I am sure you will too.  I have put off posting this information because I know there is a very strong possibility that my situation, such as it is, will be used as fodder for a few self proclaimed Vietnam authorities out there so that they can further their own  personal agenda.  Stay tuned!  You may soon be reading about me on a Vietnam Adoption message board!  Anyway, I am taking the risk of “backlash” because I started a story here back in March of 2007 and intend to keep telling it.  Who knows where it will go at this point?  I know there is a baby out there somewhere for me and my husband.  She may not be the baby we think she is or even where we think she is but I know she’s out there.  I hope you keep checking in to see how this story turns out.

Now on to the other stuff that IS happening.  My husband, aka Schmoopie, got a great new job in “another Texas city” so that means we have to move.  Our house is currently on the market and we will move once it sells.  This is a great thing (my family lives in this “other” city) but it is a pain to have a house on the market, I miss my husband during the week and it is sad that future baby will never spend a night in the nursery I had such a good time creating.  Of course this just means I get to create it all over again and that is okay.  I love decorating and all the shopping that goes with it doesn’t suck so it isn’t too much of a hardship.  In other words, don’t cry for me, Argentina!

Thank you again for continuing to check in on me here in my little piece of the blogosphere.  I plan to start posting again on a regular basis.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I will leave you with a picture of my cute but lonely little nursery.


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