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Etsy Friday

Let’s just pretend, shall we?

This is Sanfran.  I think a few of these may end up in my new nursery.  Wonderful!

Here is a really cute flat style for $20. 

This is Absoluut.  This seller has very cool pillows for a very fair price and it also goes VERY well with tonic.

Secret Handshake Pillow-cover, vintage fabric

So seventies Pillow-cover, vintage fabric

Cute bird bib, anyone?  This Bean Pickle Sprout

Paisley Blue Polka Dot Bird Bib

Orange Bird in the Stripes Bib

This is Little Girl Pearl.   I really like the combination of fabrics that are used in several of the dresses. 

The Extrovert Jumper, Sizes 1 2 3 4

Birds and Butterflies Go Modern Swing Jumper Dress, ON HOLD FOR JCOLLIER, DO NOT PURCHASE

This is Mot and Dot.  Custom Art for Kids.  Each of the prints they have are customizable!  Skin color, eye color, hair color, etc.  There are choices for a princess, super hero, cowboy, pirate, soilder, astronaut, and my favorite — wrestler!

Customizable Fairy Princess Print

Customizable Astronaut Print

Customizable Pop Princess Print

Customizable Luchador Print

This is Jennifer Ladd.  An AP who adopted her little girl from Phu Tho!  Hi Jennifer.  Very cute bib sets.

Pink Flea Market Flowers bib and burp cloth set

Bib and burp cloth set, bright red flowers

And what would an Etsy Friday be without end with cute shoes?  How about some cute reversible shoes?  For $2.99!  Crazy.

This is Coffee Lady.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.   Thanks for stopping by.


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