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I’ve Moved

In person AND online.  Check me out here:



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You people are POWERFUL!  We got a contract on our house on Friday, July 25th!!  That’s 3 days after I posted and asked for your help.  Holy Toledo.  The people who have bought (or are going to buy by September 8th) our home made us an offer before they even saw it in person.  Now that is some strong mojo at work.  The saw the house yesterday and love it as much in person as the did online and what makes it even better, a 10-year old girl is going to live in the room I decorated for Quinn.  She loves it.  How cool is that?

Thank you to Kristen, Cara, Elaine, Lee, Nicki, Tamara and Karen and the other 230 people who have read my blog since I posted my request on the 22nd.  You guys are awesome!  Please keep the good thoughts going so things will run smoothly all the way through closing.


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As some of you may know, I am trying to sell my house.  It has been 7 long months and I am ready to move, damnit.  We hired a new realtor last Thursday and have already had 4 showings.  Although I have a good feeling about her and feel an offer is near, I would like to ask for your help.  I am asking that everyone who reads my blog send positive thoughts out into the Universe that our house will sell very quickly.  Imagine these people:

Selling this house:

Whatever means you use to communicate works for me.  Prayer, meditation, chanting, positive imagery or just plain old wishing it to be.  I have total faith in the power of positive intention and just know that the combined energy of all of us will make the difference.  I am ready to get my house sold so my husband and I can move on with our lives and then our adoption and I know with your help it’s just gonna happen.

Thank you!


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Remember how I posted that 2 families from my agency got the go ahead to file their I600s for their referrals in Phu Tho?  Remember that the remaining 4 cases were dependant on the outcome of these cases?  Turns out that is another thing that just isn’t true.  I got the official word from my agency on Friday that our referral will not be processed.  This from an email from the Embassy:

Eric Alexander, Consular Chief, met with officials in Phu Tho this week and reached an agreement that will enable the Service to finish adjudication of the pending Phu Tho cases that have been filed with this office.  Officials of Phu Tho and Dr. Long stated that these would be the only cases completed and that the United States is still barred from adopting children in this province.  Because of the ban imposed by the government of Vietnam, this office will not accept any new petitions from Phu Tho.

I am not surprised by this news.  I said good-bye in my heart awhile ago as I have known this baby wasn’t coming home for months and months.  I hadn’t looked at her picture in a long time but pulled it out on Friday and said my final good-bye and wished her my love.  Although I was saddened to hear the news I was actually relieved that the door is officially closed.  Limbo is hell.  Now I can fully move on.  I feel quite sure this baby is already babbling in Italian or French by now.  I think she probably left the orphanage awhile ago.

So now, it’s a new road to baby!  Probably a domestic road.  Since we are still trying to sell our home (yes, 6 months later) I am not going to update our homestudy until we move.  Domestic is scary but I am looking forward to getting started.  I think I need to come up with a new blog title and look.  A fresh start.  I am open to all types of suggestions, agency recommendations, sites for cool blog templates, etc.  I plan to start my Etsy Friday’s again.  It seems that was well liked. 

Thank you to everyone who still visits my blog and has emailed me personally to check in.  You guys are awesome. 

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Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday was my goddaughter’s 1st birthday.  There was just the right balance of kids to adults and adults to alcohol.  Not to mention the weather was divine.  I got a few good shots (I should have — I took 120 of them) and thought I would share.  Here is the sequence of events.

First, not so sure she likes this “party thing”:


 Wait, there’s cake – this might not be so bad.  In fact, I think it might be love …


The first tentative touch:


Seriously eating a strawberry:


Okay, now this is feeling pretty good …


And finally, pure joy.  Because really, who wouldn’t want to enjoy cake like this?  Especially while wearing a tiara.


And finally, this picture is especially for my blog friend ‘e’ over at Looking for George.  Because although you can’t really know someone from the internet (notice I didn’t capitalize the word!), I feel confident in the fact that she will enjoy this particular photo.  If my other readers don’t “get it” you need to go right on over to her blog and select the category “Blue Barb”. 

Wait for it










I hope everyone had a great weekend and the coming week brings a little calmness out in the adoption world.

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Four Years Ago Today …

… my husband and I were married.  I can’t believe how fast 4 years flew by but at the same time it seems a lot longer than that.  Weird how that works. 

My husband was diagnosed with cancer 6 months after we were married.  We spent our 1st anniversary in the South Austin Cancer Center.  I was madly in love with my husband when we got married.  More than I thought possible.  But after going through that tremendous hardship with him, I am even more in love with him now than I was then.  I am grateful every day that our relationship was strengthened by adversity and not shattered by it.  He is the absolute best husband and partner and am thankful that we found each other. 


Happy 4th Anniversary, Shon.  I love you.

P.S.  In case you were wondering, my husband had squamous cell carcinoma at the base of his tongue.  And no, he never smoked.  If you are familiar at all with the treatment for this type of cancer you know how brutal the cure is.  Enduring daily radiation in your mouth (TWICE a day during the last two weeks) while at the same time your body is being ravished by chemotherapy isn’t the best of times.  The human spirit is an amazing thing.  He has been cancer free for 3 years now.  

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I’m Feeling the Love!

I was tagged by 3 people to write a meme.  Seriously, with me not writing very much lately I feel very grateful that my blog buddies still stop by and check on me.  I was tagged K at Journey to Our Child, E at Looking for George and Jenn at Long Adventures

You have to post these rules before you give the facts:

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged, you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged & to read your blog!

So here goes and if anyone calles me Ouisie after this I will block you for life.

L is for my terrible laziness and lethargy and the limbo I am in lately.  Do I get extra points for coming up with 3? 

O is for ornithology.  I have had a tremendous amount of birds at my feeder lately and I love watching them.  Since we have had so much rain here the birds had two nests this season and both sets of their “kids” are using our feeder too.  I am posting a picture at the bottom of this post of a finch feeder a few of her babies.

U is for the unusual size my ass has become.  And by unusual, I mean large.

I is for inspiration.  Here is hoping I get more of it soon. 

S is for sharing.  I have been cleaning out closets, drawers and the attic.  I have a lot of clothes, decorative items, linens and tons and tons of books that need to find good homes.  I have been thinking a lot about how they could go to the best use without just calling Salvation Army to take the whole lot away.  Any ideas?

E is for Elise.  My wonderful mother’s name and my soon to be daughter’s middle name.

I am tagging K at Patience is a Virtue, K at Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, T at Our Journey to Paige, B at Solbergs Squared, S at Our Vietnamese Ladybug, and finally (why, oh why does my middle name have SIX LETTERS?) J at Love from Vietnam.  If any of you have been tagged already, I’m sorry!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.


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