You People Rock!

I can’t believe anyone still checks my blog.  I haven’t posted in months and still I get daily visitors and comments from readers.  It is truly amazing.  Thank you all!

A lot has been happening in my world and a lot has NOT been happening in my world.  Let’s start with what is NOT happening (at least not yet).  The adoption.  You may or may not know that my referral is from Phu Tho.  I am probably one of the last people in the U.S. (along with a few others from my agency) that received a referral from Phu Tho.  I received my referral on November 1st and the DIA stopped referring children from Phu Tho (and Thai Nguyen) on November 5th except for the ones that were already in process.  I have to say that receiving my referral right in the middle of the turmoil that was raging was very stressful and quashed a lot of the joy.  Since that time it has only gotten worse.  Around this same time I received my referral the USCIS changed the way the I600 was filed.  Since we are now required to file for the baby’s visa before we have actually adopted said baby, the province now needs to provide a Consent to Adopt (CTA) which, along with the baby’s dossier and other paperwork has to be filed with the I600 application.  Since November, Phu Tho has refused to release this document to me or any of the other families with PT referrals.  In January, Phu Tho decided to release CTAs to 2 of the waiting families.  Why they picked these 2 referrals to “release” is a mystery, especially considering these families received their referrals after I did.  These families have filed their I600 and are now awaiting the USCIS/DoS determination.  Phu Tho informed our agency that the releasing of the remaining CTAs would be dependent on the determination of these 2 other family’s applications. 

So, here we are.  Three months later and not one step closer to adopting this child.  Do I feel like I will actually bring home this baby?  Not really but anything is possible.  I wonder if this baby is still in the orphanage.  I have been told she is.  I have asked for updated photos and to date have not received them.  I have asked again and will see what comes of it.  Do I feel like we will bring any baby home from Vietnam?  Maybe.  Will I ask any more questions in this annoying manner?  Probably.

So there it is.  The story as I know it.  Make of it what you will.  I have lots of feelings and opinions on this situation (most of which shouldn’t be and won’t be shared at this time) and after reading this, I am sure you will too.  I have put off posting this information because I know there is a very strong possibility that my situation, such as it is, will be used as fodder for a few self proclaimed Vietnam authorities out there so that they can further their own  personal agenda.  Stay tuned!  You may soon be reading about me on a Vietnam Adoption message board!  Anyway, I am taking the risk of “backlash” because I started a story here back in March of 2007 and intend to keep telling it.  Who knows where it will go at this point?  I know there is a baby out there somewhere for me and my husband.  She may not be the baby we think she is or even where we think she is but I know she’s out there.  I hope you keep checking in to see how this story turns out.

Now on to the other stuff that IS happening.  My husband, aka Schmoopie, got a great new job in “another Texas city” so that means we have to move.  Our house is currently on the market and we will move once it sells.  This is a great thing (my family lives in this “other” city) but it is a pain to have a house on the market, I miss my husband during the week and it is sad that future baby will never spend a night in the nursery I had such a good time creating.  Of course this just means I get to create it all over again and that is okay.  I love decorating and all the shopping that goes with it doesn’t suck so it isn’t too much of a hardship.  In other words, don’t cry for me, Argentina!

Thank you again for continuing to check in on me here in my little piece of the blogosphere.  I plan to start posting again on a regular basis.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I will leave you with a picture of my cute but lonely little nursery.



Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday was my goddaughter’s 1st birthday.  There was just the right balance of kids to adults and adults to alcohol.  Not to mention the weather was divine.  I got a few good shots (I should have — I took 120 of them) and thought I would share.  Here is the sequence of events.

First, not so sure she likes this “party thing”:


 Wait, there’s cake – this might not be so bad.  In fact, I think it might be love …


The first tentative touch:


Seriously eating a strawberry:


Okay, now this is feeling pretty good …


And finally, pure joy.  Because really, who wouldn’t want to enjoy cake like this?  Especially while wearing a tiara.


And finally, this picture is especially for my blog friend ‘e’ over at Looking for George.  Because although you can’t really know someone from the internet (notice I didn’t capitalize the word!), I feel confident in the fact that she will enjoy this particular photo.  If my other readers don’t “get it” you need to go right on over to her blog and select the category “Blue Barb”. 

Wait for it










I hope everyone had a great weekend and the coming week brings a little calmness out in the adoption world.

Well, Hello Baby!

Please help me in welcoming Quinn Cai Elise currently known as Tran Hanh Nguyen:


She was born on June 26, 2007.  She had her medical on August 3 so she was about 5 weeks old and according to the L’Hopital Francais de Hanoi, she was 7 pounds and 21.5 inches long at the time of her exam.  We received her referral yesterday and I have been wandering around in a daze ever since.  I have been carrying her picture with me (even walking around the house) so we can get to know one another.  We went out to lunch and shopping today.  I figure she ought to get used to it now because that is how mommy rolls!

Notice how her shirt says “Wishful”?  You and me both, baby girl.

Etsy, Finally

Sorry I have been such a schlub about posting.  Hopefully some new and cute things will help get me back in your good graces.

First is Orange Peel Baby who makes really cute burp cloths

blue wallpaper burp set

and cute blankets.  I like the binding.

cream morning glory minkee blanket

The next seller is Gochemoche.  Beautiful silk ribbon “origami” hair pins.  Gorgeous!

Turquoise big chrysanthemum hair pin- Tsumami kanzashi

White and lime green  cherry blossom-snap clip-tsumami kanzashi

Kreativlink makes really cool handmade journals.  I am thinking about getting this small size to take to Vietnam so I can be sure and capture all of my experiences (so I can put them in my blog, of course).  $15 – such a deal.

Dark Chocolate, Mini Leather Journal

BluGrn design makes cute jewelry.  Check out this:

Sterling Hummingbird Necklace

and this:

Cute Squirrel on Branch Necklace

More cute shoes.  Check out Pedrosprout:

White and Red Polkadot Booties

and these:

Have a great weekend.

Four Years Ago Today …

… my husband and I were married.  I can’t believe how fast 4 years flew by but at the same time it seems a lot longer than that.  Weird how that works. 

My husband was diagnosed with cancer 6 months after we were married.  We spent our 1st anniversary in the South Austin Cancer Center.  I was madly in love with my husband when we got married.  More than I thought possible.  But after going through that tremendous hardship with him, I am even more in love with him now than I was then.  I am grateful every day that our relationship was strengthened by adversity and not shattered by it.  He is the absolute best husband and partner and am thankful that we found each other. 


Happy 4th Anniversary, Shon.  I love you.

P.S.  In case you were wondering, my husband had squamous cell carcinoma at the base of his tongue.  And no, he never smoked.  If you are familiar at all with the treatment for this type of cancer you know how brutal the cure is.  Enduring daily radiation in your mouth (TWICE a day during the last two weeks) while at the same time your body is being ravished by chemotherapy isn’t the best of times.  The human spirit is an amazing thing.  He has been cancer free for 3 years now.  

Etsy Friday

Cute shoes anyone? Just Kidd’n Babywear makes very cute shoes and clothes for the kiddies.

Tess Baby Slippers Pick-Your-Size

All the way from Australia.  Sheeps Clothing.  She knits cute hats and scarves and uses beautiful color combinations.

Girls Pure Wool Handknitted Beanie / Hat with Detachable Flower.  Sizes to fit baby, toddler, child. Australia

 I found a great place for cute hair clips.  Pink Owl Creations makes lots of different ribbon and color combinations. 

Any coffee drinkers out there?  How about adding a pretty to those paper cups?  This is by Paper Rock Scissors.  I don’t drink coffee but may start so I can use this.  Clever, useful and cute.

 brown tweed coffee shrug

Have a great weekend everyone.

I’m Feeling the Love!

I was tagged by 3 people to write a meme.  Seriously, with me not writing very much lately I feel very grateful that my blog buddies still stop by and check on me.  I was tagged K at Journey to Our Child, E at Looking for George and Jenn at Long Adventures

You have to post these rules before you give the facts:

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged, you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged & to read your blog!

So here goes and if anyone calles me Ouisie after this I will block you for life.

L is for my terrible laziness and lethargy and the limbo I am in lately.  Do I get extra points for coming up with 3? 

O is for ornithology.  I have had a tremendous amount of birds at my feeder lately and I love watching them.  Since we have had so much rain here the birds had two nests this season and both sets of their “kids” are using our feeder too.  I am posting a picture at the bottom of this post of a finch feeder a few of her babies.

U is for the unusual size my ass has become.  And by unusual, I mean large.

I is for inspiration.  Here is hoping I get more of it soon. 

S is for sharing.  I have been cleaning out closets, drawers and the attic.  I have a lot of clothes, decorative items, linens and tons and tons of books that need to find good homes.  I have been thinking a lot about how they could go to the best use without just calling Salvation Army to take the whole lot away.  Any ideas?

E is for Elise.  My wonderful mother’s name and my soon to be daughter’s middle name.

I am tagging K at Patience is a Virtue, K at Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, T at Our Journey to Paige, B at Solbergs Squared, S at Our Vietnamese Ladybug, and finally (why, oh why does my middle name have SIX LETTERS?) J at Love from Vietnam.  If any of you have been tagged already, I’m sorry!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.